Saturday, December 29, 2007

On to the new year

Well, Christmas has come and gone. We spent Christmas week with Jen's mom in Yuma. Where we played at playgrounds, Elia's favorite gifts were "Cinderella" from Ethan and a package of hair elastics (which she proceeded to use as bracelets) from Grandma. Ethan tried to taste everything and was very tolerant of the help received from Elia in opening his gifts. Elia gave him the bead track (second picture). Both kids received "footed" pajamas from Grandma. We had a very nice Christmas. Ethan also received his second front tooth just in time for Christmas.

One of the highlights from our trip was happening upon a "parade" of lighted cars. During one of our drives looking for Christmas lights we came upon about 25 or so highly decorated antique cars, golf carts, dune buggys and regular cars too. These cars were loaded with lights. We had a great time watching them drive past.

We also had a great time playing Settlers of Catan with Jen's mom. We totaled six games in the week we were there.

On the 28th we flew up to Logan, and other than waiting an extra hour to take off and having our bags being delayed for three hours after we arrived in Salt Lake, our flight was fine. Luckily we had dinner plans with Eric's sister Karen in Salt Lake, so we didn't just have to wait around for our bags to come. Elia has been fascinated with the snow and even though it is cold outside, she is not used to wearing a coat and tries to weasle her way out of wearing one, though we make her everytime she goes outside. Luckily, she has cousins here who were kind enough to supply all of her snow gear during our stay.On Saturday we got together with a bunch of Eric's high school friends. We had a great time catching up and seeing what everyone was doing.
Well, I know I've posted a lot of pictures, but there is so much going on! Next week we're planning to go sleigh riding at a local elk wintering ground, sledding, and have a family get together. And, since I'm not as preoccupied with other stuff, I'm hoping to post more! So, until next time, Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Holidays

Well, it's been really busy around here as you might have guessed considering we haven't made a post in over two weeks! Eric has been absorbed in finals (which he finished Thursday!). He is very excited to have only one trimester left and without the demands of Student Government he's wondering what he'll do in his free time (Ha!). This is what he's been doing lately -- to catch up from all the napless days during the trimester. He's been taking naps almost everytime the kids do. Of course Elia loves having him around too.

I've been keeping busy with my photography, doing about two sessions a week, which is just perfect balance. Eric and the kids come along when they can and walk around while I take pictures. One favorite spot is Sahuaro. This morning I took a family's pictures, but before they arrived, Eric and Elia had some fun feeding the flocks of birds.
We've had two Christmas parties this week to keep us busy too. One was a friend party and white-elephant gift exchange. Eric and I came away with a very nice paper towel holder (a discarded wedding present) and some treats like strawberry syrup, Goobers (chocolate covered peanuts), and beef-flavored soup mix. Last night was our church Christmas party complete with a visit from Santa. When Santa asked Elia what she wanted, she told him that she would like a candy cane... Guess what? In the treat bag, there was a candy cane... I guess Christmas is done!

Ethan was a little tired and not too happy having his pacifier taken out of his mouth for the picture, but it looks like he's smiling. (I'm sort of experimenting with subtler colors in my pictures. I kind of like the antique feel, so I decided to do one of these like that) Well, we have until Thursday to get our house more organized and get rid of some more stuff. Then it's off to Yuma for Christmas with Grandma then on the 28th, we head to Nana and Grandpa's.
Happy Holidays!