Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ready... Set... JUMP!

Here is our family update in a nutshell:
Ethan... just played his last soccer game Saturday. Loved his teammates, coaches and playing and is ready to sign up for the next season. Of course, not much strategy at this point... In fact if Ethan got the ball he usually dribbled it in whatever direction he was facing. Still we were proud of him for being pretty tough when he got knocked down (which happened a lot) and we saw glimmers of hope from the whole team that they were beginning to "get" the game. He came up with their team name: "The Jets" and wanted to be a jet plane for Halloween so we made an A-10 Warthog for his costume (Thanks Bre for help with cutting and taping cardboard together!). I was very happy with it and it even won first place (out of probably 100 other kid costumes) at our Halloween Festival!
Stage one... after paper mache
Stage 2 painting grayStage 3: detail paint and winning! Oh and it was his idea to be a "chinese fighter pilot". He found this outfit that Eric brought back from China and wanted to put that on "underneath" his plane... maybe it was that part of the costume that won. :)
Elia... loves kindergarten and we love watching her learn to read and be creative. She spends a ton of time at our craft table drawing or coloring pictures and making them into books. She is also so good with Kara. She wanted to be a witch for Halloween... such a change from the last few years... princess, fairy princess, ballerina:
Into fake laughing... (we are trying to get it on video)... screaming at the things (or people) she doesn't like. Loves climbing
And dogs...she'll give any one of them a hug (if we let her). She's 15 months old now. I can't even believe how fast the time goes. She smiles so much... every time you look at her she busts a smile out. Kara was a leopard for Halloween... the same thing that I think all the kids have worn when they were her age.
All three kids with their costumes...
Eric and Jen... we were rock climbers for Halloween (hey we have to make use of our gear somehow...
We just had our birthdays (Jen- 30), (Eric - 31)... and decided to go all out and do something
we've always wanted to... SKY DIVING!!!! I wanted to go first just in case something happened I would at least get to go... it was primarily my birthday treat you know. In any case, it wasn't at all scary and there are so many precautions that we felt very safe.