Sunday, April 25, 2010

On a roll!

Wow. Two weeks in a row. We started off Monday with a fun family home evening... rocket launching! I LOVE Ethan's crossed eyes as he measures himself against the rocket. Eric went off to Peoria and the women (and Ethan) stuck around the house doing work. I took out this huge bush (this was what was left of the root), bundled up thorny bush branches, mowed, weed-wacked, and edged. The yard looks awesome though! I was joking that even if Eric didn't get an organized wife he got one that isn't afraid to do a little work or get a little dirty. In fact, I'd rather be outside working than doing housework.
On Friday, Nancy and I took the kids to Lake Jackson, TX. For those Texas friends who haven't been there, they have two awesome (and FREE) "attractions"... a science center that has a touch tank, a fish hatchery that you can tour and a natural science museum that has the largest collection of sea shells in the southern U.S. Pretty amazing.... and did I mention they were both free! I love a bargain.
Finally, a picture of my two sweet boys... Ethan's health isn't doing too well. I think I mentioned, he had pneumonia a week an a half ago. The doc prescribed an antibiotic, he got better, but now he's having a hard time breathing and another fever. Poor guy. Back to the doctor. Keep him in your prayers.
Oh and one more thing. We had a garage sale on Saturday. Perfect weather and we were able to get rid of a bunch of clothes and some other things we didn't need anymore. Yeah for downsizing and simplifying. You know, blogging isn't so difficult when you don't wait a month! Have a great week!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April in Review and a Birthday to Boot

So much to say, so little time! Where does it all go? A week ago, Elia had her final ballet recital. She loves dancing and is always making up dances at home. She's the one in the middle of this picture: Hip Hop routine:
So, this picture is pretty cute, but it would be even better without her tattoos. Grandma sent them to her for St. Patty's day and they are still on her arms a month later! I guess their idea of temporary is different from mine!
We have a fun little splash pad at a neighborhood park. The kids had a great time and Ethan got to sport his new birthday swimming shorts.
Don't forget our littlest... growing fast. She's already 8 months!
My new favorite picture:
Eric is always like one of the kids, he just jumps right in (at Ethan's birthday party he was the one dad up jumping on the trampoline and playing games with the kids.... I love it!).In other news... we now have a three year old! Today (April 18th) is his official birthday. We just invited some of Ethan's friends over and had cake and ice cream:
He requested a Spiderman cake and as usual, I do my best to comply. The hardest part of this cake was making sure the frosting was RED and not pink... Some cupcakes to go on the side and then some presents. We told people not to bring presents, though a few still did. He had fun opening them. He got some money from his Nana and Grandpa, Grammy and his Uncle Earl (and some from us) and we purchased a rocket, a scooter, and the baby doll he requested (I think he was tired of having to share Elia's all the time and always getting the one she didn't like at the time).
His Grandma sent him, among other things, a new pair of "Cars" tennis shoes...He is in love with them! You want proof?
Here is a miscellaneous picture we thought was fun... Is playing a puzzle on the computer that tiring? And finally, a few pics from Eric's trip to London. I was so jealous! Someday I'll get there too, but I really was excited that he got to go someplace cool... a lot more interesting than his usual Peoria, Illinois trip (no offence Illinois friends).
Oh, one more. Eric and I went to a friend's wedding last night. We never have pictures of the two of us, so here we are. Don't we make a handsome couple? In June it will be nine years! Nine, wonderful years! (Awwww) Now...


Monday, April 5, 2010

Strawberries Picking and Easter Egg Hunting

We've had a great week with lots of fun activities! It's been nice to spend some extra time with Eric since he was gone the week before.
On Monday he met us at this indoor playground that is at a baptist church up the way. It is awesome and free! Since it was 5:30, we had the whole place to ourselves. We played hide-n-go-seek and tag (well, the tag lasted about two rounds). The kids mainly were just happy climbing and sliding with Papa.
On Wednesday we went with our neighbor Emma to a nearby strawberry patch to pick our own strawberries. We walked out $45 and 25 pounds later. I'm not kidding! Funny thing is, less than a week later, they are almost all gone! We are loving us some strawberries! There was a shirt there that said, "I had a berry good time at Froberg Farms." I think they should have had a shirt that said, "I went berry overboard at Froberg Farms." Seriously, who eats 25 pounds of strawberries in 5 days! I did make my first-ever jam, but most of the berries we just straight out ate. Yum!
Emma and Elia
On Friday we decided to go on the rare eating out activity. We don't go out very often, but it's nice to go out with the kids, teach them that napkins go in their laps... or even what napkins are.
We also had a nice Easter weekend. On Saturday the kids found their easter baskets hidden in the dryer...
And opened a giant egg my mom had sent...
Then we went to church and participated in the ward Easter egg hunt... Here are a bunch of Elia's friends...
Here is the picture of the day... This is pretty much what the kids did all day... Eric and I have decided that it is a lot easier to have the kids eat what they want in one day and then get rid of the rest. So, maybe they had almost no nutrition, but one day won't kill them... I hope! We donated the rest to the missionaries who came over for dinner Saturday night. They could either eat it themselves or give it away to some of the kids they see when they visit families. Our house is once again candy free. On Sunday we went to the church to watch General Conference in the morning. I also showed the kids some of the videos on the church website about the real meaning of easter. I wanted Sunday to sort of be separate from the Easter Bunny stuff. We had a nice relaxing day and even went for a bike ride in the evening, though I think those days are coming to a close. It's 82 degrees right now and we even had to turn on our A/C this weekend! Sad :(
Well, have a great week everyone!