Sunday, December 21, 2008

"I'm Alive"

Well, if we still have any devoted readers out there, thanks for sticking with us through the drought of blog postings. However, we do have a good excuse. We lost our internet connection about the time we were planning on posting. It was out for over a week! Because of the inconvenience, and so we wouldn't cancel our contract, Comcast gave us a free month of service. But it was still very, very annoying. (Not too long ago we didn't even have internet. It's amazing what you get used to.)
So here's what we've been up to:
At the beginning of the month we visited Santa. On the way there, Elia said she was going to ask Santa to go on a rocket to another planet.(We always knew she was unique:) She ended up asking him for the usual; a candy cane. Yep, that is what she always asks Santa for. Maybe its because she knows he will give her one right then and there. At our church Christmas party though, she asked for a telescope. We didn't even know she knew that word! (Definitely reaching for the stars!) Ethan on the other hand, didn't want anything to do with Santa. That is why you don't see any pictures of Ethan with Santa without one of his parents. He REALLY wanted the bag of candy Santa was giving out though.

On December 4th, a monumental day in history, Jen got on an airplane without the kids! She had won Celine Dion tickets back when we lived in Glendale, and decided to take a mini-vacation and go back. At first she was planning on selling the tickets, but then her most wonderful, thoughtful husband, convinced her to go. (Thanks Honey!) She got to see lots of friends. She stayed the first night with the Giauques and the other two night with the Taggarts. She went to lunch with Erika and Katie, hung out with Paola, and got a make-up lesson from Kim. Thanks everyone! Katie and Jen went to the Celine Dion concert on Saturday night and had an amazing time. Being the novice at going to concerts that she was, the Taggarts helped her prep for the experience by listening to Celine music. She was an amazing performer and has an amazing voice. Did you know that Celine is the youngest of 14 kids? Man, we are only working on our third... we still have a long way to go to catch up to that.
Jen didn't know what to do without the kids, so luckily the Taggarts had cute Lance to keep her busy. The best part, well maybe not the Best part, but Jen really liked being able to read her book and go to the bathroom in the airport without company... all those of you with kids know what I mean! Jen, being the big ice cream fan that she is, really liked this sign, but we've been on another no sweets challenge since Thanksgiving. This time it only lasts until Christmas...but it may end sooner:)
Meanwhile while Jen was out gallivanting around Phoenix, Eric had a great time with the Kids. At one time Jen called and asked if he was surviving. His response was that he was Thriving! What a great honey and father! The big "event" of his weekend was his work Christmas party. They got to have their hands painted, Elia made about 10 ornaments, Ethan made 2, they received a hard-backed copy of "The Polar Express", and eat one cookie each. (As a break from the no sweet challenge.)
The week after Thanksgiving we bought our Christmas tree and began decorating for Christmas. We sort of forgot to take a picture of the completed tree, so that will come later...but not too later:)
Jen's mom came on Friday for Christmas and we are all ready for Thursday. We just barely put up our outside Christmas lights this weekend. Better late than never. We hope all of you are enjoying the Christmas season. Merry Christmas!