Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer's coming!

So, what have the Pettys been up to? Well, we can start with Mother's Day. Eric and the kids made me a wonderful blueberry pancake breakfast. Then while I got some extra sleep, they made me cards and said what they loved about me. Later that day they made chocolate covered strawberries (YUM!). Then, we all got to go on a bike ride. It was a perfect day!

Elia started her swim team practices. Everyday we head to the pool for practice. They will have five meets this summer. I don't really care about the meets, but I think it is just a great way for Elia to become a strong swimmer and get exercise, plus a few of her friends are doing it, so that makes it fun:

A side note... Elia is the same age as the other girl in the middle, one year younger than the girl on the right and a year older than the girl on the far left... it looks like Elia didn't get my height genes. :)

Eric and Ethan went on a "father-son" camp-out. Ethan was super excited about the whole thing. I told Eric to get a picture for the blog... so here it is:

Our other new activity is... *drum roll please* ... Magformers. We love these little magnets and probably play with them three times a least!

This bridge is for Grampy...95% made by Elia Aren't these cool?

So, I know Elia's birthday isn't until September, but when opportunity knocks you have to open the door right? I stopped by an estate sale and saw this beautiful tea set all for $20! I told Elia that we could get it, but it would have to be for her birthday. She is playing with most of it, but keeping the large tea pot and two cups that go in the basket. She has played with it every day since we bought it.
And finally, I've been promising my mom some updated pictures. So here they are mom!Actually, I have one more... here's a bluebonnet flower.... the Texas state flower. Just a little memory of Texas.

Even though the heat is already here, I'm pretty excited about the summer. We are having Eric's niece come for a little bit, then will have my mom in July and then we'll be heading to New Hampshire in August. Have a great week everyone!