Thursday, July 26, 2012

Well, we are ashamed it has been so long since we've done a blog post... nearly a year and a half! Kara, who was last featured at 18 months will be three in two weeks and Elia will be 8 shortly after that! And two weeks ago, we welcomed Numero 4: Sophie Anne Petty. It is crazy how time flies.
 Sophie was born Friday, July 13th at 5:39 p.m. She weighed 8 pounds and was 19 1/4" long.
Eric has decided that we should start blogging more frequently as a way to keep a family journal... I'm in favor too, I just have a hard time doing it... If this is the last post for 18 months again, just know that I haven't had any help keeping it up :) I plan to post more pictures of Sophie next time, but I feel that I should do a little back tracking just so we remember a LITTLE about the past 18 months.

Fortunately, pictures are a good reminder, so here is the past in pictures:

June 2012: Eric goes on scouting high adventure to Yellowstone... good thing he took pictures because I, being 8 months pregnant took zero pictures all month!
 May 2012: Ethan graduates from Jersey Village preschool... he was given the "most independent" award... oh and when asked what he wants to do when he grows up, he said "gymnast".
 April 2012: Wow! an updated family picture!
Ethan loves legos, so we gave him a lego party for his fourth birthday:
Eric had a business trip to France and Italy and Jen got to tag along: Eric does pull-ups on the Eiffel Tower:
The kids animals: Loon, Lamby and Bird visit Rome
 March 2012: Jen's mom made the girls these great St. Patricks Day skirts. Kara wanted to wear hers every day it was clean for about 5 months.
Kara about 2.5 years old:
 February 2012: Elia goes strong with her girl scout troop... Jen is one of the troop leaders and the girls are great friends (L to R) Laura, Monica, Elia, Kayden, Emily, Ella, Savannah.
 January 2012: At the end of our Christmas trip to Utah, we get to see cousin Nathaniel.
December 2011: We drove the 24 hours to Utah... the kids loved being with extended family and seeing snow!
 On the way to and from Utah we camped over in Colorado Springs with our cousins the Ratliffs.
 November 2011: Grampy comes for Thanksgiving, rocket launching is a family favorite:
October 2011: Jen starts working as a realtor... we could put pictures of houses, but that would be pretty boring. :)
September 2011: Elia turns 7... for her party we did a "princess in training" party based on the movie Princess Diaries. The girls had a great time and we've never seen Elia have such good manners!
 August 2011: Kara turns two with a "pink piggy" cake to celebrate.
 July 2011: Jen and Eric celebrate 10 years of marriage with a great 2-week trip to Peru with friends Caleb and Lisette.
Colca Canyon
Inca Trail
Machu Picchu
June 2011: Family goes to New Hampshire: Squam Lakes Science Center is always a favorite stop:

May 2011: Elia participates in spring season ballet... broken arm No. 2 occurred while playing on a salvaged slide that collapsed. Also, Elia finishes Kindergarten and gets a trophy for the fastest kindergarten girl runner.
 April 2011: Ethan turns 4... cake request... batman cheesecake... Also, plays YMCA soccer...

Thaaaat's Allll Folks!