Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy 6 Months Kara!

I feel like I live in a whole new house! Nancy and I have been sorting and organizing many areas in the house. It is SO much easier with someone else. We have sort of a system where she sorts the items in an area and then I put them away where they go. It's so nice to have an extra opinion and have someone tell me that I really don't need the key chain I've never used but have had for a year. The below picture is all the things that were in our kitchen "junk" drawer. Last Sunday Ethan slid off the bench and did a face plant into the corner of the hymn book holder. It immediately swelled up and he looked like he had no curve on one side of his nose. Eric wouldn't let me take a picture it was so ugly. The Hunchback of Notre Dam came to mind. After the swelling went down, I did sneak in a picture of his black eye.

A funny thing about those pennies on the counter, Ethan has a penny holder, and gets one penny per day to "pay" for a snack. This was to prevent him from asking me five times in the morning if he could have a snack. The other day Grandpa told him he couldn't have lunch, so he went and got a penny and tried to pay for it. If only food really did cost a penny!

Well, our baby is now 6 months old! How time flies.Don't you wish our skin could look like that?! ... her feet on the other hand, are always purple no matter how much we cover them up.

A few more...
I love this expression!
Here's a video of her crawling effort of about a week ago. It is already out dated, because she now can take 5-6 crawls without face-planting.

Also new this week, Jen discovered Facebook. It's sad, but true, her mom even beat her on. She decided to do it more to expand her photography business, but found it's kind of fun seeing what people are doing.