Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well, where to start. (I feel like I start like that a lot, but I don't have time to go back and look right now, so if I start all my posts like that, I apologize for my lack of creativity) Anyhow, we've been a little crazy these past weeks. The kids and I arrived in NH last night for two weeks with "Grampy and Yia Yia". We've been trying to take advantage of the time before the baby comes to continue to finish our house decorating. Plus, I try to make sure my kids' schedule doesn't get too hectic, so we take time to go to the Children's Museum and Zoo as well as the pool. Combined with the work for the magazine, (I was hired just before the deadline for the summer issue, so it's been a busy, but fun time). Bless his heart, I left Eric with a whole list of things he could do while he was gone. I didn't want him to be bored or anything. :)
A few snapshots from our past weeks (Oh, and thank Eric for the photo editing... didn't he do a great job? He posted the pictures from TX so I could do the blog tonight)... I made Eric fruit braid... his favorite food as an early Father's Day surprise. Elia decided to eat the flour. We thought she'd just taste it, but she proceeded to eat what was left on the counter after we made the fruit braid.

One of our evening activities this past week was washing the car. Ethan decided that sitting in the soap bucket was more fun... Isn't he adorable (by the way, everytime Yia Yia says, "You're adorable." He says, "I not adorable." (Which, if you can't guess, is VERY adorable).

A zoo trip with the Staub girls... They have this cool tunnel through the water that the kids can crawl through.
The girls... Channing, Elia and Chloe...
... add a little boy.
Look, Eric even put a vingette on this picture! Way to go babe!

In other news, I took Eric and the kids to the OB's office. I felt it was probably good that he met the doctor before the day comes. What a change from Elia... I think Eric came to almost every appointment. Not that the appointments are exciting, but to be truthful, they seem like a waste of time, but when is life supposed to be convenient, right?

That's all I can think to write about now, so have a great week!