Sunday, November 16, 2014

November: When it rains it pours

We are half of the way through November... Jen's dad came to visit for a couple weeks and then Eric's parents came for a visit. We did a bunch of field trips: to the museum, the marine mammal stranding network field trip (where we saw whale teeth and learned about dolphins), and went to the Renaissance festival.  That was really fun. We saw a bird of prey show, a fire-whip demonstration and a sword "school". The kids loved the jousting too. We shared funnel cakes (it was delicious) and watched a woman make a glass vase. 

The kids are doing well in school. Kara has a great kindergarten teacher and is so excited about independently writing and reading. She is very good at sounding words out and amazing at coloring... She will sit for hours making detailed drawings. 
This year, Elia and Ethan are in a co-op called Classical Conversations. They learn history, science, art, math facts, plus, Elia is doing a grammar and writing class. It has been fun to meet new people and friends. 
I can't believe Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away and despite the fact that we had to get a new furnace, our car is making funny noises and our garage door is malfunctioning, our lives are so blessed. Eric went back to work for PROS Pricing filling a marketing roll which is new and interesting for him (though the commute will take some getting used to).

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