Saturday, October 19, 2013

Beach days

For the last three days we have been staying at a beach resort near the small town of Samara. The beach is on a little cove. We have been fortunate that it hasn't been too rainy while we have been here. Our first day we took a kayak tour to a little island that was literally swarming  with hermit crabs. Eric, ever the adventurer, climbed up the island's waterfall while the kids and our guide caught fast moving crabs in the tide pools. 
We have spent lots of time boogie boarding in the waves and swimming in the humongous pool (though it seems to get colder each day we are here).
On the second day, we decided to take a horse ride as a family... It was much more interesting than our first ride which was carried out in a slow horse-head to horse -tail line. We could trot, gallop and we didn't even have to sign a waiver (which has been present at most of our activities). We were rewarded with beautiful views of the ocean.
 Elia had a surprise when her horse tried to hop over a small log in the middle of the path. She fell off and her foot was caught in the stirrup for about three seconds. Bravely, and to the cheers of the rest in our group, she got back on and finished the ride.
Most of the time we spend exploring the beach, finding shells and rocks along the sand or playing in the pool. We have found our favorite smoothie place here. It has a beach front view with the most delicious smoothies that we will try and replicate when we come home! ;)
We also enjoy seeing iguanas run across the road or path that are at least 24" long, the native species of squirrel that has a burnt orange body and black stripe that runs from his neck down his body, and the birds that steal the sugar packets.

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cambersue said...

That looks so fun!!! Looks like it went pretty smooth and with the kids too, you guys are amazing!