Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall? in Texas and Elia's Birthday Party

We are back on-line! It was so rewarding to print the book from when I regularly kept a blog (2007ish to 2009) that I decided to start blogging again. I am not sure I take as many pictures as I used to, but I love being able to keep the blog like a journal and I really enjoyed reading back from that time.... So here it goes again!

So, what is new with our family of seven? We are in Houston, TX, our oldest, Elia, turned 10 last month and our youngest, Taggart, just turned 6 months. The weather is slowly but surely getting cooler here. I am not sure the cool weather is here to stay yet, but we will take any days we can get.

We took advantage of the nice Texas weather though and snuck in one last swimming day on the last day of September: We went with some of the Flores' kids and with Dallas Lauck.

On the homeschool front, we are doing some fun science classes at the museum (last time they learned about the rock cycle). My dad, does history and science over Skype once or twice a week and we are doing a co-op with some other homeschoolers once a week. In this picture Ethan, of course, finds math blocks much more useful as building components than as tools to learn math:
On Saturday the 4th of October, Eric had signed up to do a mud run with his friend Ryan. They had a mini kids one set up too that Elia and Ethan could do. They both loved it, but were cold after being wet and muddy (of course, this would be the one day that the weather had to be a little chilly).

Eric and his friend had a lot of fun too... and though they weren't really running for time, got 13th place in the non-competitive bracket.

 Taggart is growing up so quickly! He is six months now and crawling all over! It is definitely time to baby proof! He is always getting hair wrapped in his little baby hands. He is pretty easy going though and so cute with his little blonde hair. Elia went to Valentina's birthday party and brought back a typical "Columbian" hat. We put it on Taggart.

Kara is enjoying kindergarten with Ms. Sensat. Many days we walk to school through the park by our house. Kara enjoys riding her scooter and having us bring her scooter to the bus when we pick her up. She loves hanging on the monkey bars in the park if we have extra time.
 On Wednesday last week, we let Kara play hooky from school and Eric took a day off work while we went on a homeschool field trip to Dewberry farm. The kids all had a blast playing on the rope swings in the hay, on these huge inflatable pillows, riding a train and going down a huge slide. It was like a little mini family vacation. We will take it when we can get it!

We finally have a double digit child! Elia's birthday of course was back in September, but she wanted to do a camping themed party and it was way too hot then. We picked yesterday (and Friday) to have it. She had 8 friends over for a s'mores cake, roasting marshmallows on homemade s'more sticks, bracelet making and watching Parent Trap in the tent. Most of the girls stayed the night sleeping out in the tent. Jen slept out in another tent with Kara and Ethan to keep an eye on the girls. Everyone had a lot of fun. Elia wants to save her birthday money to buy a hedgehog.

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